Paying attention

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4 29 2013 9 06 44 PM Paying attention

Searchingggg, reading, researching, listening & learning. Do this daily.

Use tools like Google Alerts, Clicky, Hastags, Facebook searches & twitter advanced searches to find conversations taking place regarding your brand. Be the first to answer on twitter, you don’t have to be called out by name to tweet.. search around, you’ll eventually find someone that NEEDS what you HAVE.

Doing the things above will help you stay on top of what is relevant to your audience, search for known problems so you can help with great solutions. Know your competitors and similar brands so you can be informative. You should always know what the other guy is doing, otherwise you have no way to offer a better deal.

Example of a tweet found “This candle sucks”

Example of a tweet found “I lost my locket”

Example of a tweet found “I need to lose weight”

TINKCAMP TASK: Go find someone that needs you, and make a connection. Come back with a screenshot to prove it and get 5 points. Wanna know what points are? Join us in Tinkcamp!! (Yes this IS a hidden task, first one with proof posted in their camp wins a pretty nifty prize!


Turn existing connections into LIKERS!

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How many of your Facebook friends are fans of your page? Are you being informative? There are several different methods of turning friends into fans.. but first let’s see what I’m talking about! Go to your fan page on the web, this is what you will see below your timeline & icons. 870 of my friends like my fan page, because of this I don’t share from my page often, that’d be very annoying to those 870 people. Back to business, this is where you go to see how many of your FRIENDS are FANS of your Facebook page.

friendsfans Turn existing connections into LIKERS!

The screenshot below displays where to look using the Facebook mobile ap, from my fan page this is what you see:

ipad Turn existing connections into LIKERS!

Keep a mental note of how many of your fans are currently friends, this way at the end of this article you know how many new fans you gained! 

  • Is your fan page set to be your place of employment on your personal profile? You can check this in the edit profile area of your personal profile under “Education & Work History”.
  • How often do you introduce your business to your friends as a status or by sharing your page? You can do this by going to your fan page and copying your fan page URL (Mine for an example is

As a status I posted this:

Hello! How are you? Doing well I hope! I am a Social Media Illustrator, I work closely with my clients to help them to brand themselves and their businesses. I work at @Tinkdesigns, and I love all things techie and cool! From my fan page you can learn tips & tricks regarding social media and you can even benefit from free graphics that we create to help you engage your friends & fans in conversation about your products and what types of solutions you can offer! If you are not a fan of my page, please take a minute and consider becoming one! I’d love to have you (By using a full link instead of a @ tag my post will display my fan page preview)

2 19 2013 3 27 59 PM Turn existing connections into LIKERS!

  • Do you use Mailchimp, ContactMe, Constant Contact or any other newsletter type app or service? Does your work station allow you to send a newsletter or group email? If so then you should use this list and invite your customers to LIKE your fan page. Be clear about what you’re asking from them, tell them the full link to your page, tell them what you do on your fan page whether its offer specials, information, new product pictures, give-aways, prizes or samples?
  • Do you have an email signature? Consider adding a link to your Facebook fan page!
  • Tweet your Facebook link!
  • Are you a member of any local groups on Facebook or any online forums? Suggest a networking day if there isn’t one. Be sure to check the group rules before posting as it may be frowned upon!
  • Do you send samples? Print a Facebook page, fold it up old school note style and be super cool about it! Dip the end of it in Wax, cut out a Facebook F and put it in a locket, or a big Facebook F and put it in a bag you’re packaging up! Be creative and think outside of the box, maybe even use a blue QR code! (Make them free at

Have a great idea on how to turn existing connections into fans? Comment below to brainstorm!


Create an event from your Facebook fan page

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events Create an event from your Facebook fan page

If you’re hosting an online event and it is business related you should be hosting the event from your fan page. Even though you may not be able to display pricing, you can certainly have a great time while having the opportunity to have others join in. You can incorporate it into your home parties OR online only parties!

How? Easy! Go to your fan page, do you see where you would normally post a status? You can also post an event or an offer (Once you reach the required fan count). Fill out all of the details of your party and then click create! You will then land on the events page from which you can add photos, your hostess and give her admin rights. You will probably have to teach your hostess how add people and or share the event so be prepared! Do a trial event, when you’re finished delete all trails of it so you don’t look crazy!

event2 Create an event from your Facebook fan page

  • A few things to remember when creating events:
  • Make your party hostess an event admin so she can invite her friends.
  • Take pictures from the home party so you can post and tag your fan page later.
  • Post pictures of the hostess’ rewards after the party and tag her.
  • Leave the event on your page after the party is over so everyone can continue to talk.
  • Be informative, be sure your web site address is in the event information area, along with your contact information.
  • Talk but don’t be annoying by posting too much <3

Pamper your hostess online using social media to help her boost her hostess rewards and YOUR sales. The more attention you pay to your hostess the more likely her friends are to host their own party with you. Be fun, social and most of all BE ENGAGING.


Facebook + Blog = Connected!

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Oh I am totally doing a happy dance! Everything works, it’s connected and it’s live! All notifications from this web site go directly to Facebook as a notification! Any time anyone comments, posts or ask a question here at the page we will automatically see it on Facebook! Check out the picture below, don’t you want  YOUR blog to do this!?

success Facebook + Blog = Connected!


Facebook commenting is also now implemented, you can tag your friends, send, share, like, pin to pinterest, tweet or email! Notice the green check mark near Facebook? It means I already shared it!

social Facebook + Blog = Connected!

In case you were wondering you can even post as your page, not just as your person!

aspage Facebook + Blog = Connected!


Every time I post an article from my blog, it gets published to Facebook in two places, as my fan page Tinkdesigns, and also to my newsfeed as the author of a new article! Check the screenshots out below!

frompage Facebook + Blog = Connected!

I personally love how it shows up on my news feed under recent activity! It even shows the site / app name because of the integration!

ontimeline Facebook + Blog = Connected!


Contest Details!!

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Time to get creative!
We loooove ideas around here! Because of your help our graphic was shared 100 times on Facebook! You ROCK! We are so over the top happy about being so close to 5,000 fans, we can hardly stand it! It’s perfect timing too with all of the new brands out there! Who wouldn’t benefit from a brand new LOOK for their business!


Now… here’s the scoop!

Grab whatever you have laying around the house, and display TINKDESIGNS! Build, paint, or draw our name in or with whatever you can find! Take a picture and upload it to Facebook using your personal profile AND business page… Don’t forget to tag us! You have until the very last minute in July to get it to us to be included in the voting album!! Submit as many photos as you’d like, it will all boil down to how many LIKES your photo has!


The winning photo wins a complete Facebook branding package!

  • Custom logo design.
  • Facebook Fan page Design (With up to 5 outgoing links to your web site, newsletter and more!)
  • Facebook Timeline Design
  • Interactive profile picture! (Character like our profile picture here! Closed eyes huge smile!)

Thank you so much for being such a great fan at Tinkdesigns! We LOVE you!!


Whoots in Vegas?!

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So what if I have said it a million times in the last week?! I wish I was in Vegas babbbyy!! I’m so happy for all of my friends, you guys better be having a rockin good time!! I expect to see pictures, videos, and loads of smiles! Here’s a freebie for you, be sure to use it wherever you possibly can! Have it on your phone so you can show it to people you meet in Vegas!! Tweet it, Pin it, Email it, Text it, print it or do whatever you’d like with it!  Use it to engage your fans, friends, and followers in conversation!  Please be sure to SHARE!

whoot1 Whoots in Vegas?!




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sumteruse 300x112 Whew!

We’reeee bacccckkkkk! Yep you heard it right, after 750ish miles & one week without internet we are ONLINE again! We’ve caught up on all of our projects and are ready to start up again! Contact us today for more information on how to get your project started! Don’t forget to find us on Facebook to take advantage of our additional savings!

Our custom Facebook branding package is currently on special and will be ALL summer!! This package is competitively priced at $200 and includes a custom drawn character, logo design, facebook fan page design and a brand new timeline cover! For more information regarding this package please visit this link!


Shelley makes me JUMP!

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Ahh! I am having a super amazing great time working on my current project with Shelley!  Here’s what she said when I asked her for a little background…


 We all met at the first Thirty One leadership trip…all of us have promoted this year to the highest level of leadership in Thirty One. We are insanely goofy with each other and use each other as Priest/confessors, brainstorming partners, venting buddies, etc!

Here’s the initial photo that Shelley sent over, in addition there are a few photos of the girls that weren’t available for the picture. They will all be added to the design as well!

shelleyphoto Shelley makes me JUMP!

Take a look at the progress we’ve made today, more changes and finalization(s) tomorrow! Does anyone in the picture look familiar?! Hope Groves is in there with her pink flippy flops!

jumpers2 1024x543 Shelley makes me JUMP!